Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pillowcase Dress Gift Set and Fall Fun

One of my friends had a baby boy not too long ago and I wanted to make something for the new baby and his big sister. They are big Steeler fans so I thought they would enjoy these for the kids. Aren't they so cute??

I've been in a sewing mood lately and haven't been able to get much done since Emilee has been sick. She is supposed to start her first day of pre-school tomorrow, but I am keeping her home just to make sure none of the other kids get her cold. I think she will really like school once she gets used to her schedule and teacher.
I did get some sewing time in today while Em and Daddy watched some football. They were so cute cuddled in the recliner together. Zane tried to explain what all the players were doing while Em commented on the mascots. I think it will be awhile before she can really appreciate these times with her Daddy. This is what I made while they were spending some time together. I love fall and harvest time, so I thought that this was appropriate. You can order one for yourself at my etsy store.


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